Jade Perch 翡翠鲈

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Jade Perch 翡翠鲈

Fresh Fish

Jade Perch

  • $15.00

The Jade Perch contains a high natural level of Omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it an ideal fish to get your essential fats from. It is a great alternative to other Omega-3 fish species like mackerel and salmon. The meat texture is smooth and delicate, it is most suitable for steam and baking.

We import our one-inch Jade Perch fry from Australia, where they are a native species and can be found in the Barcoo River of central Australia.

The basic size is 350-450g per fish before degut and descaled. It will be degutted, descaled, cleaned, and vacuum-packed before delivery. This size is ideal for small families. We also have larger Jade Perch, the 800g Jumbo Jade Perch for fish cravers, Jade Perch of this size is ideal for filleting, pan-fry, or steam. 

Price before GST.

Total: $15.00