Frozen Jade Perch

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Frozen Jade Perch

Frozen Seafood

Quick Frozen Jade Perch 700

  • $26.25

The Jade Perch contains high natural levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it an ideal fish to get your essential fats from. It is a great alternative to other Omega-3 fish species like mackerel and salmon. The meat texture is smooth and delicate, it is most suitable for steam and bake.

We import our one-inch Jade Perch fry from Australia, where they are a native species and can be found in the Barcoo River of central Australia.

The weight before processing is 650-750g per fish. It will be degutted, descaled, cleaned, and vacuum-packed before delivery. This size is ideal for a family of 4 adults. Jade Perch of this size is ideal for filleting, pan-fry, or steam. 

This Jade Perch has quick-frozen under -40oC condition to maintain its freshness. Price before GST.

Total: $26.25